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Dance Mat Typing - Wonderful for the Primary grades
Fun to Type - 40 different typing games
10 Fast Fingers - Test your speed and accuracy and rank yourself
Keybr - Another speed and accuracy test that is more forgiving
Alfa Typing Games - The hard mode gets INSANE
Word Games Typing Games - Great for Primary students.
Typing Web - Create your own user name and password and track your progress
Online Free Touch Typing Program | Keyboard - Great for Secondary students.
My Typing Games
Learn2Type for Kids
TypingTest Games
Good Typing - Free Typing Course
Gamequarium Keyboarding Games
Free Typing Lessons
Type Online
KeySeeker - This site is geared toward developing skills in the Pre K-2 crowd.

Comic Markers

Comic Master - This creates graphic novels
Pikikids - You can upload photos and add speech bubbles to this free alternative to Comic Life.
Say What - Add cartoon speech bubbles to your photos
Witty Comics
Super Hero Action Comic Maker
Make Belief Comix Comic Maker
Myths and Legends Story Creator
Strip Generator
BBC Dr Who Comic Maker
Toon Doo
KABAM! Comic Creator
Comic Lab Extreme
Super Hero Squad
Chogger - You can create comics from your own drawings with this online tool

Animation and Video

Zimmer Twins - You can create your own animations and digital stories with this easy, free drag and drop site.
Go Animate - Create your own animated films. They have online videos to teach you how. More complicated than Zimmer Twins but also more creative freedom. More suitable for 6-8
Fresh Brain - You can basically do everything here, design sites, design games, design robots, create graphics, applications, you name it.
JayCut - The easiest to use free video editor
Animoto For Education - Create mash ups of clips, photos, sound files etc….
Dragontape - Remix online videos into a gapless tape
Flixtime - Similar to Animoto, allows up to 60 second videos for free.
Windows Live Movie Maker
Vimeo Video School
Stroome - This is a collaborative video editing tool
Pixorial - Another online video editor
Nota : Grab it. Mix it. Share it
Kids' Vid: Video Production for Students - Leads kids step by step through the process of video production from script to screen.
RawShorts - Gives you everything you need to make an explainer video animation, right at your fingertips.

Audio and Podcasting

AudioSwap allows you to add music to your videos, works thru You Tube
Audioboo easily record and share audio files on the web
PodBean Free Pod Cast Hosting anytime, anywhere


Voice Thread integrate audio files with pictures, collaborate on presentations
Empressr allows for media rich slide sharing
SlideShare upload and share PowerPoint Presentations
Vuvox create slideshows or collages even in panorama
​101 Practical Ways to Ditch That Textbook - Ideas for implementing learning materials without using a textbook
Roxio Online - Turn your Photos into a Music Slideshow

Other Web 2.0 Tools

Photovisi Collage builder
Glogster Create interactive posters among many other projects.
KidBlogs Safe, Free blogs for students and teachers
MuseumBox A web 2.0 tool to collect archive items on a topic
Kidscapism Create free teacher controlled e-mail accounts for your students.
Youtego Self Visualize and express yourself
Learning HTML for Kids of All Ages
Blender Free open source content creation tools download
Memo This Embed your thoughts onto any website and share it with your friends.
Wondersay Animate text and then embed in your website or blog

Poll Makers

ProProfs - Create quizzes, flashcards, and polls
FluidSurveys - Allows multiple formats for free surveys
Question Form - Create Post and Analyze for free
SurveyAnyplace - Create easy, interactive and engaging quizzes and surveys

Picture Editors

Aviary - This tool is like photoshop, only free and online.
Cloud Canvas - This tool is like Aviary but you can also draw your images and then manipulate them.
Be Funky - Photo effects and Photo editing.

Story Book Makers

Storybird Collaborative Storytelling - Outstanding Reading/Writing technology integration tool for all grades but especially lower. Write and illustrate your own story books.
StoryJumper - You can also create your own children's books on this site.

Word Clouds

Wordle - Use Wordle if you want something easy
Many Eyes - Use many eyes if you want to create clouds with colors and statistical data that you can explore
Tagxedo - Use Taxedo if you want to make shapes and have much more control over your word cloud
Word it Out - Similar to Wordle but with more color choices. Text tends to only go in one direction.
Tagul - Also just like Wordle but this creates tag clouds that link to Google searches of every word
Tag Crowd - Use this application if you want to see word frequency or have control over what words appear.
Flip Text - This application will flip your text upside down.

Mind Mapping and Graphic Organizers

Time Toast - Easy to use, Start with this one for no fuss time lines
X-Time Line - Students can work together on this time line maker.
Time Rime - These time lines can be made with text, pictures, audio and video files.
Preceden - A super easy, free online application to make awesome time lines.
Dippity - Another multimedia time line maker like Time Rime but with a different layout.
Drop Mind - Now integrates with Google Docs!
Popplet - Super easy to use idea mapper with stunning results
Edistorm - Collaborative brainstorming with online sticky notes.
LucidChart - Drag and Drop, Free education accounts.
Grapholite - Easy drag and drop flowchart maker, free while in beta.
Gliffy - Lets you do Venn Diagrams and SWOT charts too
Flow Chart - Lets you collaborate online and create flowcharts together

Organizers and Note Takers

Remember the Milk - Great tool to track your assignments and tasks, works with Google calendar and iGoggle - If you would like reminders from multiple locations; e-mail, voice mail, twitter, etc... will do it all
Track Class - This is designed specifically for students, it has a great note taking feature
Stixy - This site also has a to do list and note taking ability, along with document sharing so you can share your notes and docs.
QuickLyst - Helps you take beautifully simple notes, oraganize them and share them
Ta Da List - Create and share lists of things to do
Nexty - This is like a cross between a to do list and a project management tool.
Cozi - This one is a family organizer for those overworked parents with over-scheduled kids
iCyte - You can cut and paste sections of web pages, iCyte saves them with links intact.
Memo This - Embed your thoughts onto any website and share it with your friends.

Online and Desktop Publishing

Issuu Publishes your writing into a free cool looking flipbook.
Scribd Same here, also free
Free Online Publishing – Digital Publishing – Yudu Freedom
Teen Ink publishes art and writing of teens and tweens

Digital Literacy

How the Internet Works (Animated Guide) Useful resource for both students and teachers or anyone else wanting to find out more about how the Internet works.
​21st Century Information Fluency This site stands alone in covering all topics related to Information Fluency. There are interactive tutorials, activities, and quizzes. Created by some dedicated and rocking librarians.
The KYVL for Kids Research Portal Guides students step by step through the research process in an entertaining and informative way.
Oregon School Library Information Services for Middle and High School
The Ten Steps to Better Web Research This slide share is by the folks who brought you Sweet Search.
20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web This online book covers many digital literacy topics in an interesting way.
100 Google Search Tips for Savvy Students
Digital Citizenship Wiki This wiki has links to all digital citizenship topics organized by subject and grade level.
LearniT TeachiT This has a collection of videos on Digitla Ethics including Copyright, Fair Use, spamming, hoaxes, and misinformation.

Research Tools

Goofram - Gives you split screen results of both google and Wolfram Alpha
Schoolr One stop shopping for Google, Wolfram Alpha, images, wikipedia, images, thesaurus, dictionary, and acronyms
Search Credible This site allows you to search 26 different types of search engines in one place. Put your terms in the mouth and then click on the search engine you want to use.
Yolink This research tool integrates google searches with google docs for collaboration plus will integrate with Easy Bib to cite references. Great for use on group projects.
SweetSearch4Me Every website that comes up from this search engine has been evaluated by experts in the field
Intute helping you find the best websites for study and research
Virtual Training Suite on how to use Intute
Sort Fix Visually sort and modify search terms to get the best results
DocMazy This is a search engine that returns results of documents only, not web pages. Great for Primary Source Research among other uses.
Lumifi This is a collaborative research tool. Allows teachers to share sites and documents with students as well as portions of documents. Students can share research with each other.
Evernote Capture anything on the web and access it from any device you use later, a MUST for college students
The Awesome Highlighter Highlight text and save sections of web pages
Resource Help

Copyright, Fair Use, and Plagiarism

Copyright Friendly one stop non-shopping
Educating about Intellectual Property
Creative Commons Share, remix, reuse, legally
Center for Social Media
Media Festival Copyright Resources includes a printable chart
Creative Thinking Lesson plans and resources
Copyright Classroom Interactive shockwave site that teaches key copyright/fair use concepts
Electronic Frontier Foundation Teaching Copyright
Plagiarism Checker
Plagiarisma Another online plagiarism checker.
Doc Cop Also searches for Plagiarism
Purdue OWL Advice on how to Avoid Plagiarism
Plagiarism Dot Org
Plagiarized Prevention guidelines

File Conversion and Sharing

Zamzar Converts audio and video files free without downloading software
Online Convert This site converts, video, audio, text, images, and e-books
CometDocs converts over 50 different types of documents free without downloading software
PDF to Excel Works like Zamzar, free, allows you to make working documents of PDF files
DocsPal Converts 24 different file types for free with no downloads
Free PDF Editor You don't need to convert it, you can edit it right online
FileDropper - Free file sharing or hosting up to 5GB
Let's Crate ridiculously easy file sharing
Minus Also super easy file sharing
Free Online OCR You can upload any document into the Optical Character Reader and it will turn it into editable text.


The Graffiti Creator - Home Of Graffiti Art
Kerpoof™ Home This is a Disney studio site where you can do many things
Pencil - A traditional 2D animation software
VADS: the online resource for visual artsMutapic Create Online Art and Share
ArtisanCam - Loads of online artistic applications, make your own popart
Online SketchPad
Paintmap | Painting the world artPad
Big huge labs Wonderful artistic free online applications. Educators can register their classes for free, sign up students, and view their work. Check out the Pop Art Posters, the Motivator, Magazine covers, and Movie Marque Posters
Dumpr Like Big Huge Labs but with a few different tools
Be Funky Photo effects and Photo editing
GD Software you can print out large posters using a normal printer with this free software download.

Online Safety

NS Teens
Safety Detectives
PowertoLearn Cyber-smart interactive case studies done in animation.
Through the Wild Web Woods ages 7-10
A Thin Line Avoiding Digital Drama by MTV
I keep safe
List of Links to Online Safety Games
Know it All Smart Adventures
Kid Smart
Welcome to the Web
K12 Internet Safety Resources -thousands of them!
CyberSafety TSak Excellent Prezi Interactive presentations of CyberSafety
Microsoft Security Brochures
Own Your Space a detailed e-book that explains to teens and tweens how to be safe online and secure their future.
Stop Bullying Now!
Wired Safety Videos
Tips for Online Safety WiredSafety - The world's largest Internet safety and help group
On Guard Online's Free 54 page booklet How to keep your child safe in the tech world
Common Sense Media Guide for Parents This is a fantastic resource for parents not just for the Internet but for all types of Media; television, film, music, etc...
Controlling Your Online Identity
Google Family Safety Center
ReviewLab - Online Safety Resource Guide


Big Picture Small World Experiential Games
Urgent Evoke Gamers for a Better World a crash course in Saving the World
World Without Oil Gamers for a Better World- Save the Planet
Cryptozoo Gamers for a Better World - Made for the American Heart Association
SuperStruct Gamers for a Better World- Plan the future and help construct what the world should look like in 2019
Mission to Learn 26 Games to change the World
CyberKidz Practice games for skills learned in K-5
Engineering Interact Cool Science, Math Tech games for 9-11 year olds from Cambridge.
The Problem Site: Problem Solving and Educational Games
BBC - GCSE Bitesize - Homepage
CBBC Canadian BBC page with very cool, very funny games.
PBS Kids Cyberchase It's all good.
Primary Games Arena For grades K-6 All Subjects Standards based games 1,352 games and counting.
Fit Brains - Guilt Free Fun!
ABCya! The Leader in Kids Educational Computer Games & Activities
Sheppard Software - educational games and activities for kids of all ages.Kidos - Education and Entertainment Platform for Kids | CenterNetworks
School Time Games
Innocent Kids Smoothies For the K-2 crowd

Virtual Reality

Teen Second Life
Quest Atlantis an International Game that is designed to enhance the lives of children/teens while helping them grow in knowledge and empathy.
Secret Builders This site has the same principals has Quest Atlantis but is designed for younger students. ​